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Acronym for "obvious vanity shot." The digital photos of individuals mainly seen on Facebook or MySpace pages that were quite plainly taken by the subject themselves. Clues to look for include the person's own arm extending to one of the lower corners of the shot, indicating they were holding the camera themselves & their own dorky smiles showing they simply can't get enough of their own good looks.
Yo man, check out this hottie on my MySpace friends list; she gotta legendary OVS!
by Tommyt March 31, 2008
A shortend version of the word "Oviously" or "ovious"
Dude #1: The banana is yellow
Dude #2: ovs -_-"
by IAmACutter.tumblr April 22, 2011
ovs, shortened version of obviously, meaning something is obvious
"obviously Maxines wearing red shoes"
by Sian Beavers February 23, 2005
Shortened version of the expression "over-it."
"I'm so O'vs writing this right now."
"Is Trevor coming to the party? Nah, he's O'vs man."
by clintorous February 02, 2010
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