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Black Metal slang, used in subsitute of 'of'. Has the same basic meaning as 'of' but is used to convey tr00ness to the BM scene.
Blackest ov the Black
by Kutulu August 09, 2005
The last 2 letters of nearly every damn Russian dude on this planet. The other portion either end with "in" or "ev" or "sky".
Retard 1: Hey guys it's my main man Kozlov!... no no wait... Federov... Bykov?... No I got it.. Nabokov! Yea that's it.

Russian: Actually it's Malkin.
by SKYYGUYY April 07, 2009
Term used in Memphis, TN that means over, or to retaliate.
When I find out who robbed me, its O.V!
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
The act of telling someone it's over in a way that let's them know the matter in question is Taboo
Wanna run up on me, it's ov!
by HArold January 17, 2004
Slang for Orangevale, California. It's a suburb of Sacramento, Ca.
Derived from the Orangevale Pony League Baseball Allstar team, the "OV" Allstars.
Their hats just say "OV".
guy1: "You from Folsom?"
guy2: "Hell na, OV mothafucka!"
by Killa Cracka April 19, 2009
Welland's finest premium beer.

Served on tap at the classiest establishments around the city.
I'll take an OV, please. I'm gettin well and wasted tonight!
by chelledot13 October 21, 2015
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