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getting crazy with your bad ass self, or getting fucking crazy with your girl
your on dance floor pullen up you top to kid rock chanting OUI...OUI or
hey dude, the was a hot babe you were with last night, u end up doin the OUI....OUI... with that girl
by Lisa Ullbrick May 27, 2008
How the French would spell: 1) one of our colloquial words for piss or 2) the act of pissing.
(In mock French accent): Monsieurs et mesdames, I have to go to ze chambre to ouioui!
by pentozali July 06, 2009
a nick name for a small or wee person
"hey have you seen ouioui?"
"who's that?"
"you know, ouioui, her head comes up about to my elbow"
by bootsy-collins November 11, 2007
Can Dance better than a webster (or thinks he can) is longer than a webster (or thinks he is) and is ten times better than a webster (and he knows he is) and him and webster are 28-3 November, 17,2008
Oui Oui--Im better than you

Webster-You wish

Oui-- Your Right
by Christopher Greene November 17, 2008
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