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When one adds a comment to a joke that exceeds the point of necessity and butchers the original comment that was found funny. The acronym directly stands for, "Over The Top".
John: Ohh dude I just pwn3d Andy with that kill in Halo!

Ralph: Hahaha yeah dude that was sick.

John: T-BAG!!!!

Ralph and Andy simutaneously: OTT.
by dapack494 August 18, 2009
when a female's breasts look smiliar to that of an orangutang's titties
sheila had a big set of OTT's
by jeterpones September 19, 2007
An extremely intelligent, sinfully good looking and uber-kind group of people...
There goes Brad Pitt, he's rocking the Otts.
by Biendiosa February 02, 2010
A name people (guys more likely) would call each other in place of "dude" or "man" when they pass each other in the hallway.
What up Ott?
by Kung Fu Panda 222 June 15, 2011
n. a tag to put on a budd on the street. Like cuz, or bro, it is used in passing. also, let's you know the dude is down and cool with whatever is going on? Also, to tell the other person you don't want no trouble.

We used to use it in Philly in the late 90's, but it was used in NY for a long time as I was in the tombs(Manhatten holding cells, for those of you who have never had the chance visit, it is an interesting place)
What's up ott?

You cool, ott?
by bigdaddyphillyinfl July 23, 2009
Synonym for weed, marijuana etc.
A turkish word, that is used sometimes by turks and germans, at least where I'm from.
got ott?

staaaani, ich hab immer gutes ott da...
by drek March 09, 2005
Ott, a uncommon, yet fabulous last name which is reserved for only the most deserving people. Otts tend to be ahead of the curve athletically, intellectually, socially, wealthily, and they are very beautiful/handsome.
I am so jealous of those Otts. They really have it all.
by Regina Phalangee November 05, 2007