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Over Thecounter Robot. When someone starts a chat with you and it says, "Encrypted OTR chat initiated." It doesn't really mean "off the record." It means "Over Thecounter Robot," because Gregor the Xtreme is now encrypting the chat for you with his great power and abilities to confound others. He has the ability to speak Navaho Indian. And he thus translates your chat to Navaho-ese. It goes something like this. You say, "hi, how are you?" Gregor translates that to "Hi-o, how-o are-o you-o?" and thus confuses and Russians listening in.
Dude, is your connection OTR? We don't want the Russians hearing what we say.
by spudart July 17, 2009
Over the Rainbow, an expression used to say "That's so out of whack and cool!!"
Dude that trick was OTR!!
by C(AY)leb August 13, 2009
"On the Road"
Its a reply to a Txt of where are you. OTR You are Driving or Traveling.
On the Road
on the Move
on the go
by JPA4867 February 12, 2009
acronym for "On The Real."
used as a form of intense agreement.
Velvet Ice: Damn, this coconut flavoring is tastytown.

Sweet Fire: OTR!
by carter_s October 22, 2006
Over The Rhine, a section of Cincinnati, OH.
Those niggas in OTR don't play.
by red popper February 17, 2004
An abbreviation for out of the race; a phrase meaning the speaker is about to leave or has left.

A: Have you seen Melanie around?
B: No, she's OTR.
A: When'd she leave?
B: Like an hour ago.
A: Damn! She was supposed to be my ride.
by tossage October 05, 2006