outside the perimeter; Atlanta slang for anything suburban; outside of I-285.
I almost got hit on Highland by some OTP fuck in a SUV that doesn't know what a crosswalk is. Cobb plates, of course.
by Nick Victim April 29, 2004
One true pairing. Used in fictional books and what not
Elena and Damon are otp
by Tv January 11, 2015
On The Pooper- its a term commonly used on internet communities to allow those they are chatting with to know they are away from keyboard for a bathroom break. It originated on forum based RP's.
Chat with you in a minute. I'm OTP.
by Sidney Bainbridge March 03, 2014
One true pairing; used for relationships that are meant to be
Wow, did you see Jill and Calum? They are totally my OTP.
by sparklinggrapejuice January 16, 2015
OTP stands for "Over The Pants." It is often used in the context of distinction for a subset of sexual favors - those that are performed "over the pants."
"Sara is so awesome. She gave me an HJ OTP behind the gym yesterday after class. My underwear was stuck to my leg the whole way home."
"Lisa learned in school that you still need to use a prophylactic when giving a BJ OTP."
by noirollorion October 13, 2013
Stands for One True Pairing. Used to describe a couple (usually fictional) who you think are perfect together.
"Do you ship Willa with Philby, Maybeck, or Finn?"
"Philby! Wilby is my OTP!"
by Chaylinn June 02, 2013

A term used among the many fanbases both online and in person, though it is most commonly found online.

"I prefer Jane's CatxHussie
by WAKHEEM September 24, 2012
"One True Paring."
Used in fandoms to espress what charaters you ship. (put together romantically)
In some cases, OTP could mean "One of The many Pairings i ship" because you strongly pair many people together and can't choose just one.
Hannah/Justin is my OTP!

Jason/Lea and Hannah/Justin are my OTPs!
by jakedirkiscanon August 22, 2012

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