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One Scared Cracker
"Porter almost pissed himself when Don took him to 74th and MLK"

"Man he's a fuckin OSC"
by Forever Lawless March 03, 2010
Original Stoner Crew. A group of people who get high all day and fight for marijuana to be legalized. A social club for teenagers or young adults who are usually looked down by older generation, they usually hang around at night and tend to run together commiting minor crimes.
Person 1: Yo. Skin up man!

Person 2: Yee bladd! Oi did you hear that Johny wants to join our O.S.C?
Person 1: Nah cuz, lil puss*es like him can stay and live their perfect lil lives!
by B_Town January 03, 2010
Ontario Science Centre.
Hey Fred! Wanna go to OSC tomorrow?
by MichelleX November 26, 2009
A fuckin loon of a boy! Aka Adam, a ledge, funny, easy to talk 2!!
*Oscar ponchowdo!!*
Love u love Muv x x x
by Muv February 11, 2004
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