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Original Player Hater. You keep hating on someone no matter what. You keep hating till they got nothing left. When they finally got nothing left, you hate on them for that too.
Ice-T is the biggest OPH of all time.
by Turalyon March 30, 2005
38 10
OPH! is a word usually used by someone who has just seen or heard something that has enabled them to react in a shocked/amazed manner.

Are you crazy!?
Random Slag: Drive me to work
Guy: OPH!

A Guy deals weed in kfc..

Your reaction would be: OPH!
by MERR212 August 01, 2010
8 1
Orange Pussy Hair. (see Fire Crotch)

Usually found on natural redheads. OPH is vibrant and colorful.

Not to be confused with Light Brown Pussy Hair or LBPH, a common mistake when examining fare skinned brunettes.

A pretty rare breed, but common amongst the Irish.
I took this girl home last night and discovered some serious OPH.
by MarcusDaCarcass May 25, 2009
12 9
Old People Hatred Syndrome
OPHSER: "God dude your grandma wont shut the fuck up.
I just hate the way she does everything."
Grandson: "Dude it's my grandma, relax!"
by JDong November 24, 2008
3 0
Onomatopoeic sound made by your best friend after finding him with your wife
your best friend: Ophs!
by Morsi April 23, 2005
4 3
OPH is short for over the pants handy. Also known as dry humping.
Guy 1: yo, did you hear about Joe at the party last night?

Guy 2: no, what happened?

Guy 1: He totally got an OPH from that slutty girl Sally while sitting on the front of everybody.

Guy 2: Damn, Joe is the man!
by classyladytimes March 23, 2012
3 3

over the pond hug

needed when good friends move against their will to a foreign country

note: can be used to describe both Pacific and Atlantic ocean
Justin: Oh snap Kathryn I"m torn between two girls! I wish you were here to help.

Kathryn: Nah its okay dear sir. OPH!
by The Piggeh January 03, 2010
5 5