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Short hand for "Out Of Date", pronounced like food without the "f".
That software's really OOD.
by PeterTheFace March 29, 2009
26 9
Lazy slang for "hood"
These white boys don't know what it be like all up in da 'ood.
by Beef Brady January 16, 2003
5 5
A person who manages to be slutty, obnoxious, stupid and ugly all at the sam time. Pronounced like "good" but without the "g"
The hookers were both oods.
by Keelan December 29, 2005
23 24
Stands for "Orgasm Of Death." Delivered at 10PM to unsuspecting victims by the Grim Reaper himself. Can be used as a noun or verb.
Bob: "You suck."
Fred: "I hope you OOD tonight."
by Abandoned March 14, 2008
15 17
Acronym:Obsessive Orgasm Disorder. A mental condition in which a person will have about 20 to 50 orgasms throughout the day at random intervals. An uncontrollable condition
Vic: Dude, that one hot chick just started having orgasms right infront of me.
Jimmy: Are you forizzle?
Vic: Yeah. She has O.O.D. Its sweet!
by big jiggle April 22, 2008
9 12
The sexual organ of a male.
"Last night at the party, Jessica touched my ood!"

Also referred to as: Weiner.
by joetjhghgjhgfff February 25, 2009
14 20