Ollie Maitland Pose- A pose in which both thumbs are up, elbows together with squinted eyes and a cheesy grin.
by charlie's unicorn April 13, 2011
derivative of OMG: OH MAH PEH

With icanhascheezburger dialect for effect.

A reaction of profound indifference. Inasmuch OMG expresses surprise OMP should suggest complete lack of disregard towards the matter at hand.
What color paint do you want for the dining room?


Nuff said.
by iwrotethissongalongtimeago November 13, 2008
Oh My Potterness!!!
Used in harry potter
And i was like: oh my potterness!!!
by shayhayhayhay November 28, 2011
One Man Party
Raging in the basement... alone #OMP
by LEG4CY_XO November 07, 2011
Someone cracked their head open and their guts flew everywhere, this would be a perfect time to say..... OMP
by Lolzorzomgfoomgomp May 07, 2010
An acronym: A way of saying oh my god, without using the lords name in vain, OH MY PENIS! Its funny too
OMP! Nora is in the hospital
by Neil Johnson August 27, 2007
Old Man's Penis (noun)
any degree of erectile disfuntion ranging from no erection to incomplete erection.
Maria: Why is it soft?
Muhammad: I gots O.M.P... pass me the bottle of Viagra.
by jesse wood August 28, 2003

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