On My Period also means Ouch!My Period, A code name for teens or adult (females) if they have their period but do not want to share TOO much information.
Friend 1: O.M.P! O.M.P!

Friend 2:Omi Gosh!....what does that mean?

Friend 1: O.M.G...
by Dillhian January 12, 2012
to eat the cruch out of a low flying duck!
"Im so hungry i could eat te cruch out of a low flying duck.... omp"
by choad rider April 19, 2003
Like OMG it is an exclamation used when having an online conversation. However while OMG stands for "Oh my god", OMP stands for "Oh My Pete", which means about the same thing, as Pete Doherty is God.
Tollie: OMP!!!! I loves Pete!!!
by Tollie December 30, 2004
a faggot sellout
omp is a faggot sellout
by none June 22, 2003

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