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To drink. An onomatopoeic word of the sound when somone swallows a drink.
Hey do you want to glug glug?
by ssftable September 29, 2003
To eat. An onomatopoeic of a bite sound; like pacman.
Its lunch time lets go omp.
by ssftable September 29, 2003
Fat or Large. Comes from the drum sound effect often associated with a large zepplin or airship coming into a scene in older movies. Same sound can also be heard in Super Mario Brothers 3, on any airship level.
Damn that football player is dernt.
by ssftable September 29, 2003
The state of being tired or lazy. Empasized when said with a low (a lot of bass) voice. Coined when Calvin Sadhu would always answer his cel phone in that voice.
I did hella things today, im freakin hello.
by ssftable September 29, 2003
"Whitewashed" or Educated African Americans. Along the same lines as "Dont chu evas" except since their educated, they pronounce the words correctly.
Those Do Not You Evers think they are the sh*t.
by ssftable September 29, 2003

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