an acronym for the phrase "oh my life" begun by three very famous and beloved students which then branched out into the college community. It can be heard preceding and following any kind of circumstance or utterance, namely those of disappointing hilarity.
Katt: "Erin, where is the Velveeta?"
Erin: "It was Nick's turn to buy!"
Nick: "OML!!" *shakes head*
by Katt H. December 05, 2007
an acronym for the words 'Of My Life'
-whatd you tell that bird after she dumped you??

- told her to get the fuck out OML
by john smithy5 May 06, 2007
"Oh my Leotard", can be said instead of OMG.
OML, he's fat.
by s_ahmed99 September 08, 2009
Acronym for One Man Laughing. Meaning varies with context.
Could be the response to a weak-ass joke; maybe self-satisfaction when you put one over, or a reference to the success of the Neocon rulers.

1. Tool, that was so funny, it was OML.

2. Jack, I totally burned you! (OML)

3. Dude, what happened to my civil rights?
Govt: OML
by reality friendly January 02, 2008
oh my lanta-- the coolest phrase ever
also see my deff for oh my lanta
H:"oml, conR that was amazing"
C:"wat does oml mean?"
H:"Oh- My- Lanta.....duh..."
c:"oh ok"
actual aim conversatition
by Nun'Ya Biz'Niz October 09, 2006
A mix of OMG and LOL
said as, oh my lol.
Two people on a swing going very high, Sam falls off, very funny but shocking.
Jenny:OML Sam!
by Rowna June 16, 2008

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