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Acronym for the words, "Oh My Kittens". "Kittens" is used to replace "God". OMK's use is popular among people in chat games where "OMG" is censored and with people who think it looks cooler.
Person 1: Did you hear? There was a fight the other day!

Person: Really? OMK, what happened?
by Maranda S. June 30, 2006
Open mouth kid. this refers to kids that cant shut their mouth at any point throughout the day. unfortunate.
Colton's mouth is always open" "Yeah, thats why we call him OMK
by Slateriowa May 08, 2011
"Oh My Kaga"
Kaga, being the father of all gods.
Used as an exclamation.
"OMK, look at his back! It's like 90 degrees!"

"OMK, Tonight Tonight."
by Kaga May 12, 2008
means: Oh My Kaulitz

Describes the intense-ness of the twin brothers of the band Tokio Hotel, compared to God

" OMK !I'm going to the Tokio Hotel concert this weekend!"
by xoxoalex November 10, 2008
OMK stands for:

(kami is god in japanese) it is just a mix up of english and japanese.

this word was created by Ren " Kanon" Asakura
" Kyaa!~ I just got chosen for the photoshoot!"

"OMK! Really?!?"
by Asakura, Ren " Kanon" November 04, 2009
old man kush
if a old man or woman smoke weed and they have been smoking for years and are over the age of 50 then they only smoke next lvl kush and if u can get it off them your lucky yet it is called OMK
by ol'man kush February 05, 2011
"Oh my Khersis", derivative of "OMG". Khersis is the mail god of humanity in the web novel Tales of MU. The OMK expression was born in the reading community as an in-universe expression used by the community.
"OMK! You beat the SCARECROW? On your FIRST TRY? But that’s the last boss! NO WAY!!!" - one of the comments from Chapter 177
by nobodez March 30, 2008