"Oh My Head"

The person saying that usually means to express his feelings towards the level of stupidity of another person after a particular action, "omh" comes when no words can define the stupidity and the 1st person is left speechless, with "Oh my head..." being the only thing he can say...
Dude 1 Shakes the bottle coke and it bursts open, spilling all over the walls and the ceiling before he finally realizes that he can point the bursting jet of foam to the window, but by the time he does the jet already dies out.

Dude 2 - "Oh my head..."
by ChronoDog November 05, 2004
Old Mill High damn place to be, with all the rednecks, freaks, gays and blacks.. WOOHOO
IDK go check it out yurself
by UhLeashUh April 15, 2005
OMHS - "Oh My Honor Society!" Term coined by 3 Honor Society fans when making a fan video for the bands show at House of Blues. Done originally as a joke, making fun of Jonas Brothers fans who say "OH MY JONAS", the term was quickly picked up by Honor Society fans and used on the bands myspace page.

Implies that Honor Society is the equivalent of god, replacing "OMG" with "OMHS"
"OMHS!!! Honor Society is playing a show in Los Angeles!"

by JulietCalifornia March 07, 2009
Oh my hoodlum !
OMH ! Guess what I had for brunch this morning !

OMH ! I love your tank top boyyyy.
by DoucheNozzleInc May 26, 2010
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