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1. Describes a kaput situation, one at which fubar is nothing compared to how the situation really is. Can also describe situations of otter stupidity expressed by someone, as well as an obviously bad mental state.

2. Derived from the russian word "pizda", which means the female reproductive organ (i.e. "pussy"), this word can refer to a really big and/or good one.
1. That dude just threw that stuff up, and it fell down on his head with a huge chunk of the ceiling, cracking his skull in two. Pizdets.

2. - She has a huuuuuuge pizdets down there!
- Can we both fit in..?
by ChronoDog October 20, 2004
"Oh My Head"

The person saying that usually means to express his feelings towards the level of stupidity of another person after a particular action, "omh" comes when no words can define the stupidity and the 1st person is left speechless, with "Oh my head..." being the only thing he can say...
Dude 1 Shakes the bottle coke and it bursts open, spilling all over the walls and the ceiling before he finally realizes that he can point the bursting jet of foam to the window, but by the time he does the jet already dies out.

Dude 2 - "Oh my head..."
by ChronoDog November 05, 2004

This russian word is used to define a situation at which something is fubar to the point where no means are capable of dealing with it. Pizdets can be a physical, as well as a mental state, varying dependant of the pizdetsness level.
-My dog just pooed under my chair, and I was smelling it all day, thinking it was something else. Pizdets.

-The beer is hot, bro!
by ChronoDog October 19, 2004

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