"Oh My Head"

The person saying that usually means to express his feelings towards the level of stupidity of another person after a particular action, "omh" comes when no words can define the stupidity and the 1st person is left speechless, with "Oh my head..." being the only thing he can say...
Dude 1 Shakes the bottle coke and it bursts open, spilling all over the walls and the ceiling before he finally realizes that he can point the bursting jet of foam to the window, but by the time he does the jet already dies out.

Dude 2 - "Oh my head..."
by ChronoDog November 05, 2004
Top Definition
acronym for "oh my hell". Used on the interent.
I just watched an MTV Osbournes Marathon - 10 episodes in a row OMH!
by Ricky January 30, 2004
1.) Oh my Hell
2.) Oh my Heck for those more sensitive..
3.) Oh my Heaven for those super religious
4.) Used to show the same expression of emotion as OMG..
5.) For those tired of OMG
Girl 1: "I'm pregnant.!!"
Girl 2: "OMH.. how did that happen???"
Girl 1: ".....Sex you idiot. -.-"

omg gmo
by TheOtherExGirl April 27, 2011
"Over My Head": the acronym used online to infer an inside joke was not clearly received by a person
Person 1: "ha ha, yea bro, she was a total FLAMINGO at that party"
Person 2: "Sorry dude, that's OMH, care to explain?"
by Crimson Coroner November 07, 2011
Sort of like "Oh My God" but instead, "Oh My Hippo." Can be used to describe girls that used to be semi-pretty but have now turned into what looks like a hippo.
OMH, Bekah is so huge now.
by anonymous4832849832 September 10, 2011
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