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1.) Oh my Hell
2.) Oh my Heck for those more sensitive..
3.) Oh my Heaven for those super religious
4.) Used to show the same expression of emotion as OMG..
5.) For those tired of OMG
Girl 1: "I'm pregnant.!!"
Girl 2: "OMH.. how did that happen???"
Girl 1: ".....Sex you idiot. -.-"

omg gmo
by TheOtherExGirl April 27, 2011
when your ex tends to try and correct all of the things they did wrong During the relationship after it's over.
Guy 1: "Dude, she's perfect. Why did you break up with her?"

Guy 2: "Don't buy into that.. she just has ex's syndrome; she wants to get back together, so she's trying to be everything she wasn't before."
by TheOtherExGirl March 27, 2011
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