Top Definition
Acronym: Oh My F---ing Gossip Girl!

Or the official acronym... Original Music Featured on Gossip Girl
OMFGG Blair and Chuck were so close to hooking up this episode!
by omfgossipgirl April 27, 2009
Oh My Fucking Good God
Dude - shall we crash a house party and work the states on 20Mtrs?


omfgg! what a good idea!
by maxbadger October 08, 2010
"OMFGG" - "Oh my flipping glorious God!"

A very excited, enthusiastic exclamation...

(NB: "Flipping" is just one of many words that can be used in concoction with this acronym.)
As the Summer holidays drew to an end, Mary exclaimed to her lover "The kids will be back at school in a week! OMFGG!"
by Sraddha June 09, 2008
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