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OMBJ is an acronym for Old Man Blow Job, which is a common nickname for the Arnold Palmer Arizona beverage. This nickname originated from the very odd face Arnold Palmer is depicted with on the can of the drink.
Chill bistandard: Im jonesin for an OMBJ.

Dbag gamer: 937 0|\|3 0µ7 0ƒ 73|-| (00£3® |\|00߃49 ƒ00. (get one out of the cooler, noobfag foo.
by DoityDeagle August 25, 2010
7 4
1.Oh My Billie Joe: Used by Billie Joe Armstrong's fans. Billie Joe Armstrong is the frontman of Green Day.
Person 1: Did you know that Green Day has a new album coming out?
Person 2: OMBJ, REALLY????
by BECK ARMSTRONG March 15, 2008
7 6
Oh My Baby Jesus
OMBJ! What is that!
by OMBJ March 13, 2010
3 3
Oh My Black Jesus (OMBJ) is in place of the classic Oh My God (OMG) that is now too played out now-a-days.
Person #1: I farted.
Person #2: OMBJ!
by Amber Kelly Smith August 04, 2007
6 8