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OMBJ is an acronym for Old Man Blow Job, which is a common nickname for the Arnold Palmer Arizona beverage. This nickname originated from the very odd face Arnold Palmer is depicted with on the can of the drink.
Chill bistandard: Im jonesin for an OMBJ.

Dbag gamer: 937 0|\|3 0µ7 0ƒ 73|-| (00£3® |\|00߃49 ƒ00. (get one out of the cooler, noobfag foo.
by DoityDeagle August 25, 2010
1.Oh My Billie Joe: Used by Billie Joe Armstrong's fans. Billie Joe Armstrong is the frontman of Green Day.
Person 1: Did you know that Green Day has a new album coming out?
Person 2: OMBJ, REALLY????
by BECK ARMSTRONG March 15, 2008
Oh My Baby Jesus
OMBJ! What is that!
by OMBJ March 13, 2010
Oh My Black Jesus (OMBJ) is in place of the classic Oh My God (OMG) that is now too played out now-a-days.
Person #1: I farted.
Person #2: OMBJ!
by Amber Kelly Smith August 04, 2007

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