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A noob who also happens to be a homosexual.
Man, did you hear Ilhan's cover of Hit The Lights? He must suck a lot of cawk because he isn't getting much guitar practicing in. What a noobfag.
by leetpwnage September 06, 2007
A "Noob-Fag" is some one who does not no how to use a computer properly.
"Anon1:How do I mount ISO?!?!"
"Everyone else: "What a noob-fag."

"Anon1: What is a torrent?"
"Anon2: Stop being a noob-fag and go google it... Bitch."
by Mr. Hatta July 25, 2011
Someone who is a noob at being a homosexual
Tom Cruise is silently a noobfag
by Noobowners May 04, 2010