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The only all-girl school in South Jersey Located in Newfield.
- Has a whole convent of nuns but OLMA girls only see about 3 of them.
- Has an old nun who never dies. and is called the walking tampon (Sr. Matthew)
- Has cameras in every hallways to keep away prep guys.
- Goes to the all guy school every friday, for 8th period, where girls hike up there skirts and put on tons of makeup.
- Has a 20 minute break in the morning where girls fight over cookies.
-Has a kickass soccer team.
- can be associated with St. Augustine Prep. (the all guys school who they bus with)
I want to be an OLMA girl !!!
by yeaaaaaaaa August 20, 2006
Our Lady Of Mercy Academy. also known as Only Lesbians May Attend. The best school for a girls education on long island!
OLMA is the place for those mercy girls to be kept in their place!
by mercygirl101 January 17, 2008

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