Orange Juice
Yo Yo! pass me a OJ G!
by Arya F April 03, 2003
1. Orange juice.

2. A way of saying "jack off" by taking the first two letter of each word (J & O) and switching them around. Often used in a way that makes it sound like it's referring to orange juice, but the receiver of the message knows what it really means.
1. I has a glass of OJ today. Real, normal OJ.

2. Dude, I had some OJ today. It was really pulpy and it felt great. I haven't had a glass for the longest time. The last part of the glass was just stunning.
by zaz April 09, 2005
A deceptive trick in order to hide the truth or to get away with something illegal; a person who lies; fooling someone.
Don't O.J. me buddy, I know you're lying!

Brad: So the motherfucker fooled me?
Denzel: Yep, he pulled an O.J. on you dude.

Wow, you fooled me there dude, that was an excellent O.J.
by Nightbreed666 May 02, 2009
1. The acronym for orange juice

2. The acronym for those who are too lazy to say "only joking"
Kirsten: "im going to kill you in your sleep"
Alyssa: "what?"
Kirsten: "haha...oj!"
by rosy11111111 July 10, 2008
Short for Only Joking used between friends
1st person: You smell wierd today oj
2nd person: I know
by star_steph_17 July 08, 2006
Indo/Javanese term(slang):Ora Jelas
English meaning:
Ora - not
Jelas - clear
Ora Jelas= not clear, unclear meaning, meaningless, useless slang to be used in daily vocab.
Applicable to Indonesian only:
by OJ! June 29, 2005
-An older model Ford Bronco that resembles OJ Simpsons Get away vehicle
"My First Car Was OJ"

"Look At that Lifted OJ"
by ShaneO717 August 14, 2009
means only joking
see example below
I was shouting at my sister but she know i was oj!
by dj-ejay conor August 13, 2006

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