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Stands for "Online gaming network".
Instant messaging~
Joe: Have you checked out Dictionary's OGN?
Bob: Yeah, it's awesome!
by AstroBlue September 24, 2005
Original graphic novel
"Orbiter" by the writer Warren Ellis is an OGN.
by Alex July 10, 2004
Abbreviation for "Oh God No". Used during IM or social media sites.
Guy 1: They're bringing Furbies back.

Guy 2: OGN, I had enough nightmares as a kid.
by MagicalAwesomenessIsMagical August 17, 2012
A slow single chortle one makes to express approval or to acknowledge impressiveness. Is usually accompanied by a subtle head nod.
camjoo,"I just mounted some remote controllers to the PS2 mp3 player in my car! Looks schweet!"
by camjoo April 25, 2005
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