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O' Gotcha Now.
OGN i was so confused before.
by Nerdy-J January 24, 2010
to send sexy video's via text message.
This girl and i have officially started to vext.
by Nerdy-J April 05, 2010
A D-list or Dick list is a real or imaginary list made up of all the guys you have slept with or want to sleep with. Usually arranged by size, shape or color.
1.Oh Him, yeah he's on my D-list working my way to there still.
2.Is he on your D-list yet?
3.Can you recommend someone from your D-list if you don't mind sharing?
by Nerdy-J January 24, 2010
1.To like something once you find out what it means.

2.Ahh, like it
1.ALI that was awesome.
2.ALI up the ass.
by Nerdy-J January 24, 2010

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