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abbr. Operator-Driver-Mechanism:

A term used by an uber-geek to clandestinely make fun of a less skillful computer operator who has made a stupid error.
User: My screen is blank.

Uber-geek: sounds like the the power on you artard?
by Kurty December 07, 2006
18 13
Oldschool Dirty Motherfucker
He asked to call him oDm
by xoDmx January 24, 2010
21 4
oh dios mio! the new OMG.
Dude what are you doing, ODM!, you're drinking all the beer.
by Kashell May 21, 2007
25 14
when a girl is wearing to much make up =OVER DOSE of MAKE UP
Example 1
You:that girls is peng

Your friend: nah man shes O.D.M
Example 2
You: dam girl O.D.M anymore
Example 3
You: shes only peng in her pics cos she O.D.Ms before a she takes them
by MrGoSouth July 29, 2011
1 0
Only Dates Models
Joe: "Hey, is Jeff dating another hot chick?"

Dan: "Yeah!"

Joe: " Lisa, Sheryl, now her? Man, he ODM!"

Dan: "ODM? What's that?"

Joe: " He Only Dates Models!:
by LuLuBee August 15, 2010
4 5