Old Dude Boyfriend: the name given to men who are unwittingly dating high school girls. Typically men in their late 20s and early 30s who can't see through excuses like "you can't come over, my roommate is a sociopath/nympho/klepto" or "I spend so much time with my mother because I just really value family ties!"
"Hi, I'm Anna, and this is my Old Dude Boyfriend Kent!"

"I had to tell my ODB that I couldn't hang out with him tonight because my goldfish had a heart attack. I'm starting to run out of fake pets."
by Kandy Kane November 27, 2012
Alternate acronym is Old Dirty Brueggz. This is usually used in past tense, describing an intense night of drinking and sleazy ludicrous actions on one person's behalf.
Person 1: Man did you see John throw up all over himself last night and try to hit on that Freshman?
Person 2: Yea, he pulled an o.d.b.

by Tubesox December 01, 2006
Used to stand for Ol' Dirty Bastard, member of the Wu Tang Clan. Since his death in 2004, it stands for Ol' Dead Body.
A: Have you ever heard this track by ODB?
B: Ol' Dead Body!
A: Shut up.
by OminousT October 24, 2010
Original Douche Bag
The white version of OG (orginal gangster).

That guy said what?! ODB
by misstwixy January 26, 2010
Old Dirty Bastard his famous song was Got Your Money.
I saw a music video by ODB Not too long ago.
by Mr. Barros March 23, 2008
abr."ova da bridge" A trip made over a bridge, usually to commit crime.
I gotta re-up lets go odb and score an elbow.
by joel March 09, 2004
Old Dusty Balls
A man who has gone a considerable period of time since intercourse.
usually reserved as a shouted greeting with the emphasis placed on "dusty"
by Tony Brooms May 02, 2003
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