OCB Slims the sexiest fucking rolling papers in the world and the best quality glue as well. These things are t3h shit!
Guy 1: "Yo hurry the fuck up man we're gonna miss the bus"

Guy 2: "Yoyo chill the fuck out for one second man i gots to get me a pack of OCBs at the 24hr shop first"
by 20(ent January 07, 2006
acronym for "One Crazy Bitch"
My Ex was and still is OCB....
by muthah December 08, 2006
Obsessive compulsive boyfriend. A boyfriend that is really protective of his lady and hardly ever lets her out of his sites.
"Damn. Josh is being such and OCB im thinking about dumping him."
by zamalzia18 May 30, 2009
Old Country Buffet (the restaurant)
ay letz go to ocb for dinner. i got tha munchies like a mutha.
by chi townz fynest July 21, 2005
established in new jersey, ocb is a group of rowdy friends who live for the weekend. they have one goal and one goal only. to get fucked up. its all about brotherhood. they stand by eachother and live every night like it was there last. outta control ballers till death.
kid 1 = those kids r fuckin wild as hell. they drink beer like tanks

kid 2= no shit. there fuckin ocb's.
by ocb #17 December 04, 2008
Obvious cock bulge
Look at the O. C. B. on that guy.
by Bob with 2 ohs February 24, 2015
Oatmeal Cookie Boobies - if you bring a glass of milk to bed with you and your nipples look like oatmeal cookies
Holy shit, did you see her OCBs?
by stephhh17 November 30, 2014

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