A single syllable expression that can be used in place of "Oh well"
Ah shite, the TV wont turn one
Nyah :(
by Travis Georg Muller September 16, 2007
An interjection indicating displeasure. Supposedly first uttered by a snarky cat.
Nyah! I don't like that!
by Phil McKraken September 25, 2005
That annoying sound you hear when dorks (especially engineering majors at Georgia Tech)start talking about something nerdy.
Gerald: Hey Bob how did you like that lecture on pitot static tubes and velocity analysis?

Bob: Nyaaaah!!!!!
by Elias Margonis June 18, 2004
Nyah! Pronuceation: Nee-aah
1:it is a ramdome outbust usally to brake silence. 2:studies have shown that it could be the mating call of the Sieonigh.
Bob: ...
Dan: ...
Jon: ...
Another Guy: Nyah!
Bob: lol
Dan: shut up!

Sieonigh: Nyah!
unfortuantly no one ever answers.
by Sieonigh October 10, 2007
An utterance popularized by a man with a rather large torso, henceforth referred to as "Torso." At any time he may start proclaiming NYAAAAAAH!!! in reference to anything, or using it in place of words which sort of sound like it, such as in the case of the city of Nyah'leans.
Nyah, I like titties, I'm a fat torso, nyaaaah, I made out with Nick's sister, nyaaaah!!
by Muscles Coleman January 21, 2007
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