Something you want to say to annoy people or make fun of chinese people.
Example 1:
"What Up Rose?"
"Oh nutt-!"

Example 2:
*Walking Passed a Chinese Woman*
"Shut Up You Fool Ching Chong Boing"
by bLaZe January 18, 2005
Microscopic Penis
Dude, you have a nya
by 3mmafr4nklin July 15, 2010
something to say when you're excited, another word for "ha" and "ya"
Nya! How exciting!
by catz September 12, 2003
A NYA is an abnormally huge black mothafucka, most commonly known as a NIGGER/NIGGA. They love theys tims freshasamiz, fried chicken, and they steal from mexicans cause theyre the easiest to shank. Snatch that chicken, nya. Us nya wear those funky fresh hoodies and those roll down tims and bathenapes and we b pimpin (which is easy) and we pick up hoes and bitches with r retro 7 jordans and we da best cause white ppl r gay and we watch And1 mixtape vol 5 in da supermarket, NYA. And I'm gona slappabitch. Yea Yea!
"I say this big NYA on the street being all homeless and shit." - Person 1
"What's that mean" - Person 2
"Oh, I'm glad you asked my nya, cause he's a rackem willie.

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