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To rub your nuts with your hand and slap somebody. If done to a fucktard the correct term is fucktarded.
Slap!...u have just been fucktarded
by Skyler Deer Bitch! August 13, 2004
35 16
the sounds your nuts make when slapping the ass of your partner during heightened sex

Also, a good term for someone you might already refer to as douchebag.

See douchebag
Your mom likes my nutslap
by jacobsack December 04, 2003
23 4
The clapping sound your nuts make when slamming your womans ass
I could hear the nut slap from the next room.
by dixietuff September 18, 2009
15 2
Exclaimed when frustrated or annoyed, like 'ball ache'.
A friend drops their say - 'ooo nut slap'
by The Mental Masher February 02, 2011
10 1
When you want to get your partners attention during something really important, like watching American you slap your nuts down on the cofee table. Blam blam blam jigga jigga blam!
Wow...I was watching that hot guy Anthony sing on American Idol...and then was surprisingly sidetracked by a nutslap on the coffee table. Glad Ivy Rose didn't wake up.
by Andi March 03, 2005
13 9
time when two males are fucking a female and their nut sacks collide
"Dude, me and Al were totally about to Eifel Tower Shawna when we nut slapped and lost all sexual desire."
by pimp-pimpedy-pimp-pimp December 07, 2003
22 31