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A girl with the most Jew-licious look in town. She struts her stuff and has tons of friends. A Nurit is someone who is always by your side, she takes care of you even when you are countries (not continents) away. A Nurit is the best friend to have, when you find one, don't let her go.
''I was at a party once and this girl totally Nurited me''

''I got 20 dollars stolen from me'' ''Oh man, you got Nurited!''
by juleslia November 07, 2009
A girl that sucks guys into her trap only to leave them high and dry. picks up men for the fun of d dumping them
"dude that girls so hott, she practicly the only thing to do in cleveland"

"damn son, aint no nookie there. shes a huge nurit"
by carl "nookie monster" johnson October 28, 2009
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