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Someone who is very cheerful and always laughing. A beautiful person inside and out. Very fun to be around no matter what you do. They are very caring and sweet, but very sensitive. If you ever meet a Nuri don't pass up your chance to be friends with one. If you do, you'll regret it.
Tom: Did u see nuri today?
Jill: Yeah I love that girl. She always makes my day!
by NCoyu April 04, 2010
The outer pink boner of a dog. When a dog is aroused, it is the pink extension to the penis.
Holy Ripshow! look at Colby's nuris! it's touching your aunt phillis' leg!
by Anita Panda May 19, 2008
ADJ: The greatest little sister in the entire world.
NOUN: A small person who likes to cause trouble and then run to their big friend for protection.
VERB: 1. To cause mischeif. 2. To make fun of people because they dont like you.
Nuri is not to be confused with Nevi, Nuri's alter ego, whom god called a bitch
Awww you're the best Nuri.
*Loud screams can be heard from the other room*
Bob: What the heck happened?
Jane(smiling wickedly):I have no idea.
Bob: What did you do, you little Nuri?
Jane: Released the pet snake in the science room.
Shirley: Oh whats wrong?
Nevi: Nina is such a whore, and she has an odd shaped forehead.
Shirley: Wow, you're all nuried up.
by xxpartnerxinxcrimexx November 13, 2007
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