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A pretty, preppy yet bi-polar girl that has trust issues yet is a popular person. She is funny yet a tad hard-headed and indenial. But is beautiful yet let people get to her.
Aniyah is a good student yet she let people get to her.
by Nina_Nani_ July 30, 2013
A good friend who is quite smart.
Dude, Aniyah totally helped me study for the test and I got an A+.
by Ms Calie Baby March 16, 2009
Aniyah she is the baddest bitch out here and anit no nigga go bring her down. These Hoes out here anit got nothing on her, she is sexy asf and will always be a great friend she is bad asf but she anit no hoe she anit scared of nobody!
Damn.....Thats aniyah
by AliyahMixon December 28, 2015
A bitch with a pregnant ass forehead looking like a duck. Bitch I'd lesbian or naw
Aniyah is a lesbian
by youngking123 February 14, 2014
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