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An aura of attractiveness that people with a disability or handicap have.

Come from the anime Code Geass in which Nunnally is a very pretty blind girl in a wheelchair.
Person one: How can you think that girl is hot? She's in a wheelchair for god's sake.

Person two: I don't know man. She's got the Nunnally factor.
by Studwalker June 21, 2009
1. A guy who looks like someone who picked on you in high school.
2. People who use the term "Bro" and "Dude" excessively
3. The guy who hangs around hot girls but is an asshole
4. A Douche Bag
Why does Bill get all the credit at work when he doesn't do anything? He's such a Pedroia.

This guy just bumped into me and didn't say anything. What a Pedroia.
by Studwalker June 28, 2009
A person who barges into a chain of comments and pretends they were apart of the whole conversation. This person usually adds something completely irrelevant or annoying.
Jane: Hey you want to see a movie friday?
Jill: Sure, what movie?
Jane: I dont know. How about District 9?
Jill: Sure. I heard it was good.
Douche: District 9 sucks. GI Joe was better.
Jane: Go away Douche. You comment crasher.
by Studwalker August 21, 2009
A person who comments on a post and doesn't feel like their post got enough praise, thus comments again for people to notice them.
Joe Blow is feeling sad
Douche: cuz your gf dumped you? haha.
Jill: Feel better!
Larry: Cheer up dude!
Douche: get a life loser!
Hilary: Wow Douche, screw off you comment attention whore. Where do you find these assholes Joe?
by Studwalker November 26, 2009
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