Boobs , the chesticles, a girls breasty buisness
Dayum , nicole is gettin knocked out by her huge nunga nungas
by Nicole November 25, 2003
Top Definition
Nunga Nungas are a term used for breasts in a book series about Georgia Nicolson, written by author Louise Rennison. Breasts are called Nunga-Nungas originally by Ellen's brother because of the noise they make when you pull down on them and then let go.
As I was going out my bedroom door I remembered my nunga nungas. Perhaps I should take some precautions to keep them under strict control Maybe bits of Sellotape on the ends of them to keep them from doing anything alarming? I'd like to trust them, but they are very unreliable.
by October85 August 06, 2006
nunga nungas is a term for boobs used in a series of books called the confessions of georgia nicolson
she got knocked out by her nunga nungas
by pseudonym February 24, 2005
Basoomas. Breasts. From "Confessions of Georgia Nicholson". Singular form - Nunga.
Nunga-nungas can potentially knock you out if they're big and you don't wear a sports bra when running.
by ʎppǝɹɟ ǝןqısıʌuı April 13, 2009 friends brother says that when u stretch out a boob and then let go, the noise it makes is...nunga nunga
nocked out by my nunga nungas
by flibberdydiget July 19, 2004
it is your breasts because when you pull them out and let them go, they go NUNGA NUNGA.
made up by a gross older brother in Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, me and my friends now use it frequently
"in gym class her nunga nungas were bouncing all over the place."
can also be used like: "this shirt makes her nungas stick out", and "he put his hand on my nunga."
by georgia nicolson June 08, 2005
when u pull out a girls boob and let it go, it goes nunga nunga nunga. its that simple.
Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her boobs really do go nunga nunga nunga!!!!!!!!!
by NUnguh nunguhs September 30, 2003
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