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Noun – Undergarment/s worn by nuns.
Freddy’s moonlight jaunts to the convent washing line over the past year have earned him a whole draw full of nunderwear - including five pairs of push-up bras, ten pairs of stockings, three G-strings, eight pairs of hairshirt knickers, two pairs of Spiderman boxers, a corset and a codpiece.
by SmotherTeresa April 14, 2011
7 0
The antithesis of lingerie. Purely functional bra and underpants which send a

clear signal there will be "nun" of this and "nun" of that....
Sally's mother was forever purchasing nunderwear for her.
by Sheila in car May 16, 2013
0 2
Polite term for what one wears when going commando
What you got under that dress, Courtney? Oh, I'm wearing "nunderwear "
by Jay Tilden September 29, 2008
3 31
Very plain standard underwear, usually white and covering everything. like the sort you'd expect a nun to wear.
I've heard Nancy wears the most prudish nunderwear. Does she know the meaning of black and lacy?
by Heddon April 01, 2006
7 35
Tiny underwear that are almost nonexistent.
see thong
or g string
usually worn by overweight women who have no right to be seen in it
also a common cause of blindness
whoa! maurices sells MAJOR nunderwear
I needed a magnifying glass to try it on!
by Mr. Sexy101.5 August 20, 2007
2 38