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Noun – Undergarment/s worn by nuns.
Freddy’s moonlight jaunts to the convent washing line over the past year have earned him a whole draw full of nunderwear - including five pairs of push-up bras, ten pairs of stockings, three G-strings, eight pairs of hairshirt knickers, two pairs of Spiderman boxers, a corset and a codpiece.
by SmotherTeresa April 14, 2011
1) The ideology and religious movement based on the teachings of a fanatical 20th century Albanian dwarf.
2) The active promotion and maintenance of human suffering and painful death as practiced by a fanatical 20th century Albanian dwarf.
3) The doctrine of belief that personal redemption and eternal life can be obtained through such practices.
Smotherism has done for Calcutta's starving masses what Catholic priests have been doing for little boys for generations...
by SmotherTeresa April 14, 2011
Noun – An obsession with nuns as sex objects. Overt acts, including taking sexually explicit photographs, molesting nuns, nocturnally stealing their nunderwear and exposing one’s genitalia to nuns are all crimes. Also treated as a mental illness, the nonnaphile’s therapy can be quite protracted and may include being forced to eat rats, toads and snakes, being dismembered alive, smothered in fire and brimstone and be broken upon the wheel.
Nonnaphilia today is more demonised than any other crime; even rape and murder. Nothing so enrages public opinion as the discovery of a nonnaphile ring, or solitary inadequate exposing himself in the park to nuns hurrying back to the convent for evening mass, or buying them sweets so that he can touch and stroke them, or even worse :(
by SmotherTeresa April 14, 2011
Noun – A person who is sexually attracted to nuns.
Freddy was a real nonnaphile, and couldn’t get to sleep each night without his monthly glossy copy of Nun Juggs and a tub of hand cream.
by SmotherTeresa April 14, 2011
Noun – A person suffering cognitive dissonance over whether to keep their imaginary friend to themselves or come out and confirm to the world how retarded they truly are.
Despite intellectually knowing that god was a construct of man, Anna spent most her adult life as a closet theist hiding behind the claim of agnosticism. Deep down she really believed that one day she’d be departing to greener pastures to meet Joseph Smith, Freddie Mercury, Grandpa Bob, Jesus, Michael Jackson and the Easter Bunny.
by SmotherTeresa June 07, 2012

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