When a woman has to go to the bathroom to change her tampon/pad, or "push out some blood."
Pull the car over honey, I need to use the bathroom. Number one or number 2. Neither, number 3- I need to change my tampon.
by wordelder June 23, 2011
Pee, wee, urinate
Comes from the childrens nursery rhyme:

Number 1, tickle my bum
Number 2, do a big poo
Number 3, go for a wee
by Kellygirl February 11, 2012
I said I was going in to take a number two, but once i saw a Hustler sitting there, I figured I might as well squeeze off a number 3 also.
by hrvatska June 06, 2003
I ate some bad fish and had to go number 3 a couple hours later.
by Hot_Salsa November 14, 2010
Meaning to spew. One of the primary bodily functions, follows on after Number 1 and Number 2. Polite way of saying you need to chuck.
Ben: Hurry up mate, I need to go to the bathroom!
Chris: What, #1 or #2?
Ben: Nah man, Number 3!! Let's GO
by -Ryan- April 30, 2007
The Runs; Diarrhea; Squirts; The Trots; extremely foul, loose, runny bowel movement; watery extrecement
I thought I had to go number two but it turned out to be number 3
by freeranger April 21, 2007
To masturbate; to beat it.
Dude, you've been in there forever. Are you going number 3?
by 2014_chiguy November 06, 2006
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