nigger who loves mcdonalds
nigger chicken nugget lover, nugger
by michael johnson jr October 30, 2011
A word used by white men so they don't get the crap kicked out of them by niggers
White man 1: Sup Nugger
White man 2: Sup Nugger
by Captain Poop a Doop May 21, 2011
One who enjoys Nugget porn.
The Nugger is contemplating on chopping off his limbs to evolve into a Nugget.
by Nug Love October 31, 2010
nuggets of niggers
you are a nugger
by baller90 October 25, 2009
a male/female from fiji with a sexual attraction to coconut milk
"the nugger offered his penis to me from the top of the palm tree"
by ghostwax February 25, 2009
A person who smokes a lot of nugs(marijuana).
Whats up,nugger?
Just chillin on nug.
by Nugget McNugget December 31, 2008
A slang term used to describe a white person. The word originates from the white meat found in a chicken nugget and of course its resemblance to the word “nigger”. Considered offensive to most white folk it is commonly accepted amongst “wiggers”.
White man: Hey! That's my bike!
Black man: Screw you nugger!
You're a nugger 'til you die
If you're a poor nugger, then you're a poor ngger
If you're a rich nugger, you're a rich nugger
But you never stop being a nugger
And if you get to be educated, you's an education nugger

It's plain to see, you can't change me
'Cause I'm a be a nugger for Life
by Chicken McNugger February 21, 2008

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