A person who takes your nuggets and hogs the barbecue sauce.
Damn Nugger! Give me back my barbecue sauce!
by The_Noah October 30, 2011
Its when two homeys smoke mad weeed and one is fat and the other is skinny. They both get pussy though. ANd one of their parents hate the other nugger so its beat but they smoke weed every day and always chill.
Yo man those kids are nuggers.

Those kids are nuggers look at them.
by cakepuss February 05, 2010
in short, an African-American nugget. That is, a black person without any arms or legs.

etymology: nugger is a combination of the racial slur "nigger" and the amputee slang "nugget"
"shit, that nugger on the corner can hardly beg for change."
by desert bear March 31, 2009
a nigger who commits the act of mugging.

nugged- the term used to explain being mugged by a nugger.
i went to the grocery store to buy some watermelon, koolaid and fried chicken and i got nugged by a nugger on the way home.
by nugga ya lata June 26, 2009
When I white person cracks under perssure when calling a black person a nigger.
Black Guy: *Goofing off* I hate black people.
White Guy: Shut up!!
Black Guy: No because I hate niggers.
White Guy: Your a Nugger.
by The Ass Bandits June 25, 2011
A black man who enjoys his chicken in the form of a nugget.
When a black man goes to McDonalds and orders chicken nuggets over the crispy chicken, he is a nugger.
by Stinka90210 March 16, 2009
a common miss-type normally when someone is trying to say buggerin a hurry before the next spawn whilst playing soldat
"ahhh nugger"
"nugger i missed"
by =<GVS>= December 07, 2004

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