1. A small piece of herb from a dank plant.

2. A complete stoner.
ej. 1. Aye man, do you think I can get a nug for later and I'll get you back?

ej. 2. Dude, I wanna work at a place where there's nothing but nugs... like Innerworld!
by BlueberryBaked November 23, 2010
A silly person, thing or idea. Something that is often ridiculous, annoying, or weird.
"Annie, you're such a nug, why did you just through that pomegranate at Matt?"
by Ms. N. E. Body March 14, 2010
3 sets of criteria:
1) something extremely or abnormally small
2) something strange or freakish looking that you don't understand why it looks the way it does
3) something freakishly cool or awesome
the thing at the airport that drags around the baggage in those cases would be considered "a nugget truck"
by creature141 March 10, 2010
a person that has ratarded comebacks and/or does something that is completely unnecessary to make you look like a douche and in return makes themselves even more douchey
Me- "you will never beat my score"
Dan- "but ill beat your mom after she is done blowing me"
Me- "Nug"
Me- "i got a bunt taday!'
Jo- "wow, i guess your not a fatass faggot ratard"
Me- "nug"
by dasFLAVtron September 11, 2009
No(t) good, from the pronunciation of NG with epenthetic schwa.
This pen is nug. Every time I write with it, the ink smears all over the place!
by pentozali March 10, 2009
nug is a combination of the words "nigger" and "thug" used commonly to describe a person object or situation
"Tyrone's rims are SO nugged out!"
"That party last night was nuggin son."
"That nug stole my wallet!!!"
by spraynard January 29, 2009
a nigger nub, which is a person with black skin pigmintation and is rather horrible at life in general
do jerome is the the worst nug on the streets
by JTrav April 10, 2008

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