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A phrase coined by environmentalist when they try to persuade children not to dump litter on their hilly nature reserve. Originated from the horror story by Wes Craven called 'The Hills Have Eyes'. Environmentalists use this phrase in reference to the flesh-eating mutants in the book so that the children are too scared to dump litter because they live in fear of the mutants seeing it and going after them to eat them.
Environmentalist: Now, children, don't you go dumping any of your litter in our lovely hills because the hills have eyes - eyes to watch you! Those eyes belong to flesh-eating mutants!
Children: Aaaaah!
by UrbanLingoGuru July 18, 2011
The phrase you use when you aren't really thinking straight and you want something or someone to do something for you. It can basically apply to anything. It can also be an expression of shock or a method of questioning.
Granny: Please can you pass me the, er, fecksa fooksu fucksa, dear?
Child: The phone?
Granny: Yes. The fecksa fooksa fucksa


Person 1: Where the fecksa fooksa fucksa have you been?
by UrbanLingoGuru July 19, 2011
An expression of annoyance, grumpiness, mocking, and other feelings such as hate.
Mum: Its your turn to do the dishes, dear!
Child: Argle Fargle!
by UrbanLingoGuru July 18, 2011
The word that you say when you've got a really bad hangover and its really early in the morning and someone has come to wake you up. The "N" is the first part said because you are kind of groaning annoyedly and wanting them to go away, and the "ug" part is said because you have the taste of old alcopops on your tongue.
It is 7 am...

Mum: Go clean your room now.
Hangover person: Nug...
by UrbanLingoGuru July 18, 2011
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