An affectionate term for person, typically friends
Yo nugs, do you guys want to hano out after school and smoke a dank nug?
by petesuxeggs December 09, 2014
Nugs are animals which populate the underground locations of Thedas, within the world of Dragon Age. They are small, hairless, nearly blind creatures with pointed snouts for digging. They resemble a cross between a rabbit and a pig, or a naked mole rat or an aardvark. Can also be used as a Dwarven insult.
1. "Awww... Nugs are soooo cute! I'm gonna call my nug Schmooples!"
2.(insult) "NUG HUMPER!"
by WolfBro March 15, 2015
Nugs are an abbreviation of Chicken Nuggets, popularized in the Danger Dolan 31-7-2015 Twitch stream
Man I could do with some Nugs
by Therasyo August 02, 2015
V. Nugging, nug, nugs.

A naked hug.

A hug exchanged while naked.
Person 1: "Did you two have sex last night?"
Person 2: "No, we just nugged."

Person 1 to best friend: "I think we should Nug later."
Best friend: "what!? No way, you're not seeing me naked!"
Person 1: "It's a bonding experience- it will be good for us."
Best friend: " .......ok." *strips off clothes* " LET'S DO THIS!!"
by NerdyFoodyLiz December 22, 2015
To hang out, to chill, to just be in the presence of your friends talking without actively doing anything
"Hey, Kyle. Do you want to go out to the bars tonight?"
"No, I think I may just nug here for a bit"

"We're just nuggin'"

"Just let me nug."
by MrDrProfKyleGordon October 08, 2015
The sexiest part of a chicken nugget. You may also call someone who watched that one livestream by those 3 guys by this.
Oh my god, I bought some food and the Nugs were some sexy shit

Oh, you watched that too? You nug!
by NugLifeForever September 02, 2015
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