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Great God of dices. Usually screws up your dice games by making you roll as bad as possible for countless numbers of turns.
Origins are in the GW game Bloodbowl.
Raped by Nuffle
by peikko April 19, 2004
An endearing act of intimacy or light petting. When you gently rub your nose against the cheeks of another person, that is called a "nuffle". Also known as an Eskimo Kiss, this is a non-sexual, affectionate gesture that you can do to a lover, or a family member.
HMB: Is it polite to keep your eyes open when you nuffle?

AC: Sure, why not? Nuffling isn't like kissing. It's just like a hug. Except you use your face.

HMB: Okay. *nuffles AC*

AC: Awww...gemes! ^_^
by HMB September 18, 2006
A shortened for of the phrase, "Nuff said". Or "Enough Said."
I just got the high score, nuffles kid.
by nuffles March 17, 2011
The act of being not full.

Most commonly used at Carnivals or Fairs, or other places with lots of unhealthy food.
"Well, I'm still a little Nuffle, so lets go get some French fries or maybe some fried bread dough."
by 15gilem August 09, 2012
takes place during sexual relations, when your partner shoves their index finger up the anus to the first knuckle. Hence nuffle.
Essy was getting head and his girl friend gave him a surprise nuffle
by DTRLBB March 01, 2010
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