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Adjective; synonym for "sexy".
Person 1: Check out that hot chick!
Person 2: Yes, particularly Essy!
by Thornographic May 30, 2008
one hot bitch! sexy legs, bangin smile and athletic! bitch can fuck hard too!
boy 1: heey do you se that chick over there?
boy 2: yeah hot ay?
boy 1: haard her name must be essy
by SkaaxDelaxx November 16, 2010
A person once worked out at Golds Gym (only bench of course claiming that "anything else is for fucking pussies and fags") but doesn't anymore possibly from the traumatic experience of having foreign objects shoved up an essy's rectum or for the lack of a better reason. This kind of person then pursues a music career. This career however looks bleak for an essy because of the name Display Case.
You know that Essy character" "Yeah he is kindof pathetic" "You took the words right out of my mouth
by gotjsbruh February 17, 2011

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