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The sound/form of communication used by the Ewoks in the starwars trilogie's.
Ewok1:Nub nub!
Ewok2:Nub nub nub!
by Thomas Hines April 21, 2008
A word composed of both newb and nub. It's purpose is to point out inferior players.
BonChez is a nub nub at Gunbound!
by Divine June 30, 2004
someone who is really lazy and doesnt do any work, but is cute about it at the same time. a nubnub is often a nickname for people named louis.
girl : wow he is such a nubnub
girl2: at least hes cute about it
by 12305283nub39241 February 06, 2011
An affectionate form of noob originating from nub, a corruption of newb and n00b.
1337@usumpalyer1: Hehe... look at those little nubnubs running around like idiots!

supaleeth@%0r2: Goddam, do any of them even know how to switch weapons yet?
by Allona Haregot July 16, 2008
To be on the Suck part of the food chain
"jimmy, you die too much, you are a nub nub"
by Matt Broad January 15, 2004
I very n00b person, who doesn't know anything about the simplest computer-related programs.
MSN Messenger Conversation:

n00b: Hello
leet: Hi :)
leet: I hate MSN meet me at my irc #
n00b: whats irc?
leet: nevermind nubnubs
n00b: huh?
by Some1unrelated February 11, 2008
An alcholic lad who gives as good as he gets, but will have a massive fit in the process. Often seen with a pierre in local drinkin establishments
That Nub Nubs getting me back for calling him names by urinating in my mouth
by Nub nub1 January 19, 2007
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