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4 definitions by Dodoextinct

On the Battlefield 2 Scene refering to a friendly claymore/mine when a nub runs over it
nub: WTF *insta-punish*
you: OMFG WTF did you go for the nub nub candy?
by Dodoextinct May 16, 2006
When you disassemble an appliance or mechanical apparatus, then re-assemble it but have screws left over.
Said appliance/apparatus is however, in fact, fully functional.
Genius: Hey man, just finished installing my new CPU in my laptop the other day.
Concerned Friend: Really? How'd you go?
Genius: Got some free screws, but otherwise good.
by Dodoextinct June 29, 2009
The failed remains of an attempted 'Sudoku' puzzle.
Puzzler 1: Hey, wanna help me do the Sudoku?
Puzzler 2: Don't you mean the Subroku? There's 2 nines in that square
by Dodoextinct February 06, 2010
The politics associated with commuting to and/or from work.
Deals primarily with train stations, trains, bus queues, and buses.
As a complaint from a commuter:
I hate when you get stuck behind someone blocking the only stair/escalator and your train leaves just before you get there. Such is commutism.
by Dodoextinct September 12, 2009