A pathetic attempt to use the term "metal" to create a tough, hard image for shitty music that bears little, if any, resemblence to actual metal music.

There are dozens of sub-genres of metal out there, each with different sounds and everything... and nu-metal is NOT one of them.

John Petrucci plays more notes in one Dream Theater solo than all of the members of Linkin Park have ever played in their whole rotten lives, combined.

Granted, you don't *need* to have solos in your songs for them to be good. But it helps to at least have the *ability* to play them, which nu-metal bands obviously do not. It also helps to be able to write a song without picking random power chords on the guitar until a few of them sound good.
Turn on the radio, you'll hear some.
by blah November 05, 2004
A genre of shit that claims to be related to real metal. Lyrics usually consist of whines, problems, and bitching. Most Metal Heads found Nu-Metal first and then branched off after discovering genious bands such as Opeth. Yet some claim that this horrid sound is "Heavy" or actually real "Metal", and stay with it. Nu-Metal is the most known type of metal, because its made for teens trying to get attention...Bands such as: Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Adema are common nu-metal bnds. You can recognize Nu-Metal by whiney vocals (with rap/hip hop rythms), sound effects to cover the simple guitar riffs, and really slow drumming. If you listen to Nu-Metal and wish to change your ways, Explore Death Metal. It's much better, and you'll finally know real music.
M-TV is the homebase of Nu-Metal.
by Irish August 24, 2003
Nu Metal is a fusion genre that mixes metal with funk, hip hop, and sometimes Industrial. They're often groove-based and they're guitar and bass is usually tuned very low.

In the late 90s Korn's "Follow The Leader" had gained a massive amount of popular and featured the hit singles Freak on a Leash and Got The Life. This album opened the door for many Nu Metal and Rap Metal bands to become popular. In 1999 Korn's Issues, Limp Bizkit's Significant Other, and Kid Rock's Devil Without a Cause were extremely succesful.

2000 and 2001 was possibly the best time for Nu Metal with Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Deftones, System of a Down, Disturbed, Godsmack, Staind, Drowning Pool, Static-X, Mudvayne, P.O.D., Mushroomhead, Papa Roach, Soulfly, and Linkin Park (who's debut was the highest selling album of 2001) all having succesful albums.
2002 showed signs of Nu Metal declining. Korn's long awaited 5th album Untouchables and Papa Roach's Lovehatetragedy both sold less than expected.
Some of the reasons behind this is MTV started focusing more on Pop-Punk and Emo-Pop in 2002.
Even though many of these bands have gained criticism Deftones and System of a Down are highly respected among critics and rock fans in general.

Korn are often considered the pioneers of this style of music.
Dan - What is Nu Metal
John - It's basically grooved-based, aggresive modern hard rock. Despite popular belief you do not have to have some sort of rap/hip hop influence to be Nu Metal.
by JTP393 January 13, 2010
Nu-metal is a non- existant sub-genre of metal. Though common cited as a "genre" it is merly a segregation between the larger family of metal.

Nu-metal is classified by it's heavy, downtuned guitar riffs, complementary bass riffs, and unique drumming/pecussion style.

Nu-metal comes under fire constantly because of it's "simple" guitar riffs, angry singing/screaming style, and the appearance of it's bands.

These arguements are very closed minded and ignorant, however. Those who complain about the simple guitar riffs fail to elaborate on how this is detrimental to the actual music: the repetitive arguement is that the guitarist fails to show any talent, but music isn't about the band, it's the sound they make. That is a fact, as any self respecting band of any genre will tell you that. There is also the arguement that "all the bands sound alike". This is true, but is just as common in other musical genres. For example, the nu-metal band "Limp Bizkit" can be closely compared to the band "Reveille". However, you can also say that Jack Johnson sounds similar to Jason Mraz, and AC/DC sounds like Guns N' Roses, and Green Day sounds like Sum 41 and so on. Every genre has bands that sound alike, because they are a genre! They are the same kind of style!

People, open up your eyes! Music is for everyone! There is no reason to critize an entire fanbase of people because they like something different than you.

Coming from a guy who likes Dave Mattews and Slipknot at the same time. C'mon, times are tough, share some love.
Some Nu-metal bands include: Linkin Park, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Reveille, Genuflect, Taproot, and what ever other bands you think "should" be nu-metal, but remember, it's not really a genre.
by Foxtrot127 March 01, 2009
A genre of accelerated alternative rock that takes influence from such well known metal acts as Pantera, Metallica Slayer, Anthrax, etc. as well as groove, rap, hip hop or even industrial music. These bands are often lumped in with metalcore bands because they are both mainstream and both utilize playing styles such as using breakdowns.

Nu-metal bands include but are not limited to:
Slipknot(from Iowa not the original Thrash band)
System of a Down
by Informed spectator August 02, 2008
Nu-metal is a style of metal invented in the early 90's by a band named KoRn. Ever since then there has been a bunch of poser bands like good chorlot (dunno how to spell), and linkin park who have tried to copy them.

and to all of the people who say all nu-metal bands suck, thats not true. Good nu-metal bands who can actually play, and make good music that you can mosh to are : KoRn, Rage against the machine, tool, slipknot, system of a down and hatebreed. try actually listening to them and u mite change your opinion on labelling them as crap.

Also, i dont only listen to nu-metal. My favourite bands are : KoRn, Metallica (Their early stuff), Pantera, Rage against the machine, hatebreed, black sabbath, AC/DC, tool, system of a down, Rammstein and Aerosmith.
Nu-metal bands are :KoRn, Tool, Rage against the machine. Not shitty little posers like linkin park, good charlotte etc.
by Euan Clark December 31, 2006
It probably WAS some stupid term coined by corporate tightwads, in order to try (and fail) to classify music.
As with many of these kinds of confusing undemocratic dumbasstic terms, "nu-metal" is so misused that its original intended meaning, whatever that is, is lost.
I WOULD say that we should shove "nu-metal" and other stupid terms up the corporates' asses; but i don't want anything to do with some random person's rectum.
by miso_soup_addict April 04, 2005

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