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4 definitions by delzdreth

The sort of club that only the fool hardy would frequent due to the high level of cunts as patrons
Julian: Shall we go to Bacchus?

Tony: No! That place is a right Cunt-hive!
by Delzdreth May 07, 2009
7 0
The patternation left on a woman's side from an ambitiously small garment for her size.

Particularly in the nether regions
1.Shirley's Tweft was sticking out like a pork sausage at a barmitzvahwhen I got her home.

2. Denise's tweft was as richly defined as the Bayeaux Tapestry
by delzdreth May 07, 2009
4 0
A flop of three spades in Texas hold-em
1.With a Nottingham out there, you've gotta be worried about the flush

2.There's so many spades out there it's like Nottingham on a Friday night!
by delzdreth May 07, 2009
14 23
American.Deep South

An unknown but substantial period of time, derived from slavery as to the unknown birth dates of slaves.
Jud: "I haven't had steak taste that good for a coons age
by delzdreth May 07, 2009
154 364